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The following NEW items are offered for sale. 100% of profits are for the IGCA Health Fund. For more information, contact Judy Longhouse by clicking on

For more information,or to order items, contact Judy Longhouse by clicking on

Please note Judy's winter address:

Judy Longhouse
Italian Greyhound Rescue
Bonfire Mobile Home Park
515 Kimberly Ave.
Leesburg, Florida 34788

Please click on a link below to view an item for sale.
Thanks so much to all the Health Fund item supporters!
And special thanks from all of the Iggies you'll be helping!!

IG Health fund Items For Sale...

#122 Agate Box with Sleeping IG
#123 Agate Box with Laying IG
#124 IG Stepping Stone
#125 Handmade Needlepoint Greyhound Pillow
#126 Signed Sculptures IG Switch Plate
#127 Agate Box with Sitting IG
#128 Sculptured Angel Iggy Ornament
#129 Sculptured IG Towel Rack
#130 Large Agate 2 Iggy Box, Custom Made
#131 Sculptured IG Candle Holder
#132 Cloud Nine Sculpture
#133 IG Bunny
#134 Iggy Bookends
#135 Art Deco Design or Mailbox Topper
#136 Art Deco Napkin Rings
#137 Greyhound Handpainted Switchplate
#138 Adorable, Handpainted Fawn Iggy
#139 Portable Addy Book, Phone No., Memo Book
#146 Elegant Business Card Holder
#141 Greyhound, IG Pin
#142 Metal Iggy Bookmark
#144 IG Leash or Coat Rack
#119 Pewter Standing Iggy Figurine
#051 Pewter Sitting Iggy Figurine
#057 Pewter Snoozing Iggy Figurine
#060 Pewter Laying Iggy Figurine
#120 Pewter Sleeping Iggy Figurine
#121 Pewter Pondering Iggy Figurine

These items are sold to benefit the Italian Greyhound Health Fund. Please make checks out to IG Health Fund. Many of the items are made and/or donated by volunteers. All our workers are volunteers who put many hours into this project along with having their own lives to live. Please do not request custom items or detailed correspondence unless the particular item is advertised as a custom item. All available photos are on our website. Please DO request ordering information if you don't already have it.
Thank you.

IG Health Fund THANKS YOU!

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